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Piano AdLibs_ Completely don't know what I'm doing but I love to sit at a piano & pretend I do. The perfect purge after a long day at work. (Any similarities between these adLibs and real composition is pure fiction.)

"Island" 1980. My first year working at a studio. Wally Heider Recording, Hollywwod. In those days they encouraged you to use the studios when empty so I went into Studio 3 to learn about the multitracks and try backwards recording. I had a Roland drum machine, bass and a guitar. (Inspired heavily from watching Jerry Williams play guitar in RCA St B while recording the album "Gone".)

"1984" _started out as a way to purge ideas shuffling about. Someone then asked for a "showreel" as an audition to recording their demo, so, I edited some of these ideas together from all my idea tapes and played some Optigan.

Didn't get the job.

Impelo "CELL"_ my first job as composer. An educational dance aimed at 7-11 year olds following the life of different types of body cells. Ready to perform in 2020 but held up by the plague. Hoping to regenerate in 2022. (Impelo=our local dance centre. See Likes/Not Gear page for info)

More to come

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